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Daniel & Vincent Cavanagh talk ‘The Optimist’

Anathema return with their 11th studio album: their darkest and boldest to date.

In this episode, host Billy Reeves and the two brothers talk healthy eating, sexy singing and time-signatures.

PLUS a spin of a track from the forthcoming Paul Draper LP…


In this episode:


"Leaving it Behind"

"Can’t Let Go"


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Paul Draper

"Don’t Poke the Bear" (from Spooky Action)

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Porcupine Tree

"Nine Cats" (from On the Sunday of Life) HMV blue vinyl reissue

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Epic one hour Autumn Special starring...


Gazpacho. Thomas talks about new album Molok and the album’s attempt to map the position of all the electrons in the universe – to find true meaning or futility (I kid you not)…


Anathema. Vincent talks about the unique challenges of the Cathedral shows, the huge Distant Satellites tour, the new concert film and plans for the future..


Plus dramatic music from new signing The Anchoress and a gorgeous tune from the forthcoming debut solo album by Bruce Soord of The Pineapple Thief.


An hour of the finest music, thesis and antithesis…


Welcome to the Kscope Podcast vinyl special.

Vinyl sales are on the up according to the latest music industry report* - it seems an increasing number of music fans are craving a tangible product with original artwork and high quality audio; the format has experienced a major revival in the last few years with worldwide sales increasing from 3.1 million in 2006 to over 23 million last year - we’ve always been keen on premium vinyl records with big statement artwork over at Kscope, as you know, it suits our artists and fans.


As well as the beautiful vinyl LPs already released on Kscope and new ones to come, the label is currently going through many reissue projects remastering and rereleasing many fan favourite albums from artists’ catalogues which either hadn’t been released before on vinyl, or are new to Kscope…you’ll hear a few of them here.


Check out the Kscope Heavyweight LP catalogue via the Kscope Store: www.kscopemusic.com/vinyl





Crippled Black Phoenix – ‘We Forgotten Who We Are’ (from I, Vigilante

Mick Karn - All You Have’ (from Three Part Species)

Mick Karn - ‘Never Thought’ (from More Better Different

Mick Karn - ‘The Salmon of Knowledge’ (from Each Eye a Path)

Lunatic Soul – ‘Out on a Limb’ (from Lunatic Soul

Gazpacho - ‘Mary Celeste’ (from March of Ghosts

The Pineapple Thief - ‘137’ (from 137)


  *http://we.tl/p5Kjefz8Op (pp38/39)


Hand. Cannot. Erase.’ Is the much-anticipated 4th solo album from one of rock music’s most interesting characters, Steven Wilson.

You’ll hear four tracks from the LP and an in-depth interview with the man himself, on his style, why it would be “melodramatic” to split up his much-loved band Porcupine Tree, and how this is his most “conceptual” album to date.

This is a man who sells out the Royal Albert Hall; this is an album that the UK national newspaper the Guardian gave 5 stars. This record demands your attention. It's out now.

Also, we’ll hear from Anders Nystrom of Swedish rock giants Katatonia, recorded at the London Union Chapel aftershow, a gorgeous concert which is now coming out as a concert film on Blu-Ray, Vinyl and CD/DVD-d.


Marjana from iamthemorning is Billy Reeves’s interviewee this time out, hear how Danny from Anathema saved her life when they first met… we’ll hear some tracks from the amazing ‘Belighted’ album.

Plus, two tracks from the first Kscope release from Nordic Giants, a track from the Lunatic Soul album, an acoustic version of ‘Magnolia’ by The Pineapple Thief, news of a very special Steven Wilson release and details of an Anathema spectacular in London in April...


Welcome back to the Kscope Podcast.

Mariusz Duda, the lynchpin of Riverside has released his third solo project for Kscope, the incredible ‘Walking On A Flashlight Beam’ by Lunatic Soul. You’ll hear Mariusz explain in which order the albums are to be heard and why..

..also Sam from North Atlantic Oscillation on what inspired them to meld their new album ('The Third Day') together into a whole and where the ideas for the mind-bending artwork came from…

And Marjana from iamthemorning on how Danny from Anathema saved her life!

PLUS you’ll hear Album tracks from Lunatic Soul, North Atlantic Oscillation and iamthemorning as well as details of two new signings and some important Steven Wilson news….

Welcome to the Kscope Podcast, Billy Reeves here. Herein; a track from the new Anathema album (their new 45, in fact). We’ll hear briefly from Danny Cavanagh – full interview in June’s podcast.
You’ll hear exclusive interviews with the guitarists of Katatonia recorded immediately after their Union Chapel show in London, Bruce Soord (who’s recently playing guitar with Katatonia on tour) tells us about the new LP from his band The Pineapple Thief, and Anders Nyström from Katatonia tells us why the band stripped down their material and what’s happening next…
PLUS Exclusive news of a forthcoming Katatonia DVD, Tim Bowness/Henry Fool shows, and music from Hogarth & Barbieri, Se Delan, Anathema, Steven Wilson & Katatonia.

Go to www.KscopeMusic.com for all the gen!


Gazpacho are BACK. Their new album Demon is out now: a four song cycle based on “the mad ramblings left behind by an unknown tenant in an apartment in Prague”. So, the first of many questions asked by your host Billy Reeves to Thomas Andersen was “..what?” and the second was “how did you turn that into an album?” Hear their conversation herein, as well as excerpts from the album.

AND you’ll hear a couple of classics from The Pineapple Thief & Anathema, a reminder of Katatonia’s Dethroned and Uncrowned tour PLUS details of a special concert in London featuring Gazpacho, new signings Se Delan (who we shall hear from in the next podcast in mid-April) and a special acoustic set from Bruce and Jon of The Pineapple Thief


Kscope goes under the covers: Kscope artists’ ultra-rare takes on The Pretty Things, Pink Floyd, Nick Drake, The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Alanis Morissette, The Cure – and one from a 1934 lightweight Hollywood musical….

Featuring Steven Wilson, Anathema, No-Man, Engineers, Ulver, Blackfield, The Pineapple Thief, new signing Se Delan and North Atlantic Oscillation


HELLO! Welcome to the newest Kscope podcast and the first of 2014, featuring a few announcements, sneak previews of what’s coming up; a new signing, new music, new touring and future news..

Featuring music from:
Steven Wilson – ‘The Day Before You Came’ (from
Cover Version)
Gazpacho -  ‘Winter is Never’ (from
Tick Tock)
Gazpacho -  ‘The Wizard of Altai Mountain’ (from
Gazpacho -  ‘Death Room’ (from
Steve Hogarth & Richard Barbieri – ‘Arc Light’ (from
Arc Light)
Se Delan – ‘Chasing Changes’ (from
The Fall)
Se Delan – ‘Beneath the Sea’ (from
The Fall)
Katatonia – ‘Lethean’ (from
Dethroned & Uncrowned)
Blackfield – ‘The Only Fool is Me’ (from
Ulver – ‘Son of Man’ (from
Messe I.X – VI.X)
No Man – ‘Beautiful Songs You Should Know’ (from
Schoolyard Ghosts)

For more info on these release and tours, check out our lovely new Kscope website at: www.kscopemusic.com


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