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October 3, 2011  

Kscope, the Post-Progressive Podcast

Episode Twenty – Steven Wilson talks Grace For Drowning

Good morning, afternoon and evening.

Welcome to Kscope, the Post-Progressive Podcast.

Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) has recorded what he feels is his “..Biggest project to date”; the sumptuous double album Grace For Drowning, a journey through many musical influences and styles - filtered through the Wilson audio-scope.

The album is out now. Here, in an exclusive interview with Billy Reeves, Steven describes the joy and creative spark he felt when working on the King Crimson re-issues, how the project began and ended, who one can bounce off if one is making a solo record, and answers two age-old musical conundrums: (i) what is the difference between an autoharp and a hammered dulcimer..? & (ii) were the 60s/70s prog rockers simply jazz musicians who wanted to get laid…?!?

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