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February 1, 2012  

Kscope, the Post-Progressive Podcast!

Welcome back. In this edition a little glimpse into the future.. the first few weeks and months of Kscope’s 2012 schedule.

Herein, exclusives and forthcoming releases from MOTHLITE (Daniel O’Sullivan’s brainchild), STEVE HOGARTH & RICHARD BARBIERI , the return of both NORTH ATLANTIC OSCILLATION and GAZPACHO, and a new album from GAVIN HARRISON’s (Porcupine Tree, King Crimson) collaboration with 05RIC.

PLUS stay in touch with www.KscopeMusic.com and/or twitter - @KscopeMusic for details of albums from ANATHEMA, THE PINEAPPLE THIEF and ULVER.

AND there’s some more STEVEN WILSON live dates in March/April and plans are afoot for another KSCOPE EVENING…

Download and/or listen to Kscope, The Post-Progressive Podcast right here, or here: www.KscopeMusic.com/Podcast .. Put it on the social networks!


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