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November 1, 2012  

Hi, welcome back to Kscope the Post-progressive Podcast.

Porcupine Tree’s ‘The Incident’ was their biggest album to date, top 30 in the USA AND the UK, and it was the band’s biggest tour to date… so here’s a live document of that tour; Octane Twisted’ from your chums at Kscope.

And this isn’t just any old live album: it’s the whole of ‘The Incident’, plus some old friends and PT classics; grown, transmorgrafied from the studio versions…to take us through this process and to point us towards their personal highlights is drummer Gavin Harrison and synth manipulator Richard Barbieri.

D’y you want to know which tracks changed the most? If winter’s the best time to write songs? And whether there will there be another Porcupine Tree album anytime soon..?? And hear tracks from the album ahead of the release??? Then listen here. It’s awesome.


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