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June 3, 2013  

Hello! Welcome back to the Kscope Podcast.


The Pineapple Thief frontman, Bruce Soord, and Jonas Renkse, who’s the lead vocalist from Katatonia - have an album out on June 3rd. Entitled Wisdom of Crowds. You’ll hear three tracks from this album right here.


Originally written with Jonas Renkse’s voice in mind, this project has been a long time gestating: Bruce Soord invited the acclaimed Katatonia vocalist to his studio after a period of writing songs and emailing demos, and the result is remarkable… in this edition of the podcast your host Billy Reeves caught up with the ever-modest Bruce recently just before he took the stage at a triumphant The Pineapple Thief show in north London to ask him about the album and about meeting Jonas.


Plus you’ll hear details of the Kscope 5th anniversary party in London (24th & 25th July, ticket details at www.KscopeMusic.com), and a gorgeous track from Leafblade: the band fronted by the brilliant Sean Jude in collaboration with Daniel Cavanagh of Anathema on guitar, keys and production duties.

More from the acts who will be performing at the 5th Annversary event next time...



Bruce Soord with Jonas Renske: Wisdom Of Crowds, Pleasure & Frozen North

Leafblade: Bethlehem.


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