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January 14, 2014  

HELLO! Welcome to the newest Kscope podcast and the first of 2014, featuring a few announcements, sneak previews of what’s coming up; a new signing, new music, new touring and future news..

Featuring music from:
Steven Wilson – ‘The Day Before You Came’ (from
Cover Version)
Gazpacho -  ‘Winter is Never’ (from
Tick Tock)
Gazpacho -  ‘The Wizard of Altai Mountain’ (from
Gazpacho -  ‘Death Room’ (from
Steve Hogarth & Richard Barbieri – ‘Arc Light’ (from
Arc Light)
Se Delan – ‘Chasing Changes’ (from
The Fall)
Se Delan – ‘Beneath the Sea’ (from
The Fall)
Katatonia – ‘Lethean’ (from
Dethroned & Uncrowned)
Blackfield – ‘The Only Fool is Me’ (from
Ulver – ‘Son of Man’ (from
Messe I.X – VI.X)
No Man – ‘Beautiful Songs You Should Know’ (from
Schoolyard Ghosts)

For more info on these release and tours, check out our lovely new Kscope website at: www.kscopemusic.com


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