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May 21, 2014  
Welcome to the Kscope Podcast, Billy Reeves here. Herein; a track from the new Anathema album (their new 45, in fact). We’ll hear briefly from Danny Cavanagh – full interview in June’s podcast.
You’ll hear exclusive interviews with the guitarists of Katatonia recorded immediately after their Union Chapel show in London, Bruce Soord (who’s recently playing guitar with Katatonia on tour) tells us about the new LP from his band The Pineapple Thief, and Anders Nyström from Katatonia tells us why the band stripped down their material and what’s happening next…
PLUS Exclusive news of a forthcoming Katatonia DVD, Tim Bowness/Henry Fool shows, and music from Hogarth & Barbieri, Se Delan, Anathema, Steven Wilson & Katatonia.

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