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May 26, 2015  

Welcome back to the Kscope podcast.  
NEW FRIENDS: Mercury music prize nominees Sweet Billy Pilgrim have joined Kscope, and their new album ‘Motorcade Amnesiacs’ is out right now! Meet Tim and Jana. 

OLD BUDDIES: There’s a brand new live album from Norway’s gentlemen of Prog Gazpacho hear Thomas’s ambitions for the ‘Night Of The Demon’ DVD. 

PLUS, the ultra-rare Sweet Billy Pilgrim remix of the Steven Wilson classic ‘Insurgentes

With your host @TheBillyReeves
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May 3, 2015  

Hello. It’s a spring thing. It’s the Kscope Podcast Episode 62. Featuring:

NEW from Nordic Giants – two massive tracks from a the awe-inspiring new album A Séance of Dark Delusions & an exclusive message-poem, a catch-up with Thomas from Gazpacho about their live concert DVD and its potential audience, a quick chat with new signings the Mercury Music Prize-nominated Sweet Billy Pilgrim (and an album teaser ahead of a full interview & tracks next time out) and a stone-cold Klassic from Crippled Black Phoenix.

Sniff the blossoms...


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