Kscope The monthly Kscope Podcast is presented by Billy Reeves. A new edition of the podcast will be available each month.

The longest day, extra width, 2021 Summer Solstice special - 75 minutes of quality, wholesome goodness, full of Vitamin D*, featuring brand spanking new shiny stuff and proper classics getting a new lease of life (* doesn’t contain Vitamin D).

Giancarlo Erra, a multi-disciplined artist (who you may know best as frontperson of Nosound) returns to instrumental composition under the auspices of a new solo LP ‘Departure Tapes’. Giancarlo chats with your host Billy Reeves at length about the conceptualising of abstract music and why he’s not in the mood for compromise.

Plus a GRAMMY™ NOMINATED epic, a 'Record Store Day' collectable rarity, the hippest new group in Britain today, a track from one of the first ever ‘Crowdfunded’ albums, AND some moody French Prog played live in concert.

75 minutes, all FREE! SPREAD THE WORD!!


Klone - ‘Yonder’ (from Alive)

Giancarlo Erra - ‘Departure Tape’ / ‘169th Tape’ / A Blues for my Father’ from (Departure Tapes)

Mansun - ‘Closed For Business’ (from the RSD 2021 Closed for Business 12” EP)

Marillion - ‘The Invisible Man’ (from Marbles)

The Helicopter Of The Holy Ghost - ‘I Will Never Hurt’ (from Afters)

Porcupine Tree - ‘Anesthetize' (from Fear Of A Blank Planet)


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