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FOMO/ICYMI edition AKA Kscope Podcast 136

an assessment of where we at Kscope are at - halfway through 2021.


TesseracT – ‘Nocturne’ (from P O R T A L S)

The Anchoress – the Cross Bone T remix of ‘Unravel’ (from The Art of Losing 3CD set)

The Helicopter of The Holy Ghost  - ‘Tony Got A Car’ (radio edit) (from Afters)

Trifecta – ‘Nightmare In Shining Armour’ (from Fragments)

Richard Barbieri – ‘Under a Spell’ from the album of the same name

White Moth Black Butterfly – ‘Bloom’ (from The Cost of Dreaming)

Klone – ‘Army of Me’ (from Alive)

Giancarlo Erra – ‘169th Tape’ (from Departure Tapes)

The longest day, extra width, 2021 Summer Solstice special - 75 minutes of quality, wholesome goodness, full of Vitamin D*, featuring brand spanking new shiny stuff and proper classics getting a new lease of life (* doesn’t contain Vitamin D).

Giancarlo Erra, a multi-disciplined artist (who you may know best as frontperson of Nosound) returns to instrumental composition under the auspices of a new solo LP ‘Departure Tapes’. Giancarlo chats with your host Billy Reeves at length about the conceptualising of abstract music and why he’s not in the mood for compromise.

Plus a GRAMMY™ NOMINATED epic, a 'Record Store Day' collectable rarity, the hippest new group in Britain today, a track from one of the first ever ‘Crowdfunded’ albums, AND some moody French Prog played live in concert.

75 minutes, all FREE! SPREAD THE WORD!!


Klone - ‘Yonder’ (from Alive)

Giancarlo Erra - ‘Departure Tape’ / ‘169th Tape’ / A Blues for my Father’ from (Departure Tapes)

Mansun - ‘Closed For Business’ (from the RSD 2021 Closed for Business 12” EP)

Marillion - ‘The Invisible Man’ (from Marbles)

The Helicopter Of The Holy Ghost - ‘I Will Never Hurt’ (from Afters)

Porcupine Tree - ‘Anesthetize' (from Fear Of A Blank Planet)

It’s 134! And it is time to look in on the new album from WHITE MOTH BLACK BUTTERFLY, fronted by vocalists JORDAN BETHANY and, from TesseracT, DANIEL TOMPKINS - out now on Kscope, entitled ‘The Cost of Dreaming’. You’ll hear chat and three tracks. Worth listening to if you are interested in the impact of Covid on live music, Dan’s views on virtual gigs and the future of rock are fascinating.

PLUS THE ANCHORESS NEWS! Re-issues from MARILLION and TANGERINE DREAM! And something brand new from new signings THE HELICOPTER OF THE HOLY GHOST.




The Helicopter Of The Holy Ghost - 'Slow Down' (album version from Afters)

White Moth Black Butterfly - 'Under The Stars', 'Use You', 'Soma' (from The Cost of Dreaming)

Marillion - 'Under the Sun' (from Radiation)

Tangerine Dream 'Apus' (from Chandra The Phantom Ferry part 2)

Trifecta - 'Pavlov's Dog Killed Schrodinger's Cat' (from Fragments)

Klone - 'Sealed' (live) (from Alive)



Billy Reeves talks to Bruce Soord, main man of The Pineapple Thief re: the new CD bookset of ‘The Soord Sessions vols 1-4’, about his new studio and the journey thereto. Is Bruce optimistic about the tour, and the future of streaming? And who kicked him out of the attic? Plus we’ll hear obscurities and fan-favourites from the set.


NEW music from White Moth Black Butterfly, Klone and Giancarlo Erra too – find yourself a comfy chair for Mr Erra’s new single, and a plump cushion. And, as it's you, go on then, some Ozric Tentacles.

PLUS listen out for news of Steven Wilson alumni…



White Moth Black Butterfly - ‘The Dreamer’ (from The Cost of Dreaming)



The Pineapple Thief - ‘Willow Tree’/A Loneliness’/’White Mist’  (from The Soord Sessions vols 1-4)



Ozric Tentacles - 'Shards of Ice' (from Vitamin Enhanced 6CD reissue)



Klone - Alive (teaser)



Giancarlo Erra - ‘Departure Tape’ (from Departure Tapes)



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