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October 1, 2020  

Why don't you run screaming from the cinema during a horror movie? Why rescue a baby on the train tracks? Just what is it deep inside your psyche that's controlling you? Why ON EARTH would anyone want to make a concept album based on a play by Ibsen? All these questions and more answered by Thomas Anderson of GAZPACHO in response to just the one question posed by Billy Reeves which was "so what's the album about, man?"

Three sections of the mega track from 'Fireworker' - the new Gazpacho LP - are interspersed with the philosophical conundrums explored within by the aforementioned Anderson, 


BRAND NEW TUNES from forthcoming albums by JON GOMM, LUNATIC SOUL and the latest single from THE PINEAPPLE THIEF.


Gazpacho – ‘Space Cowboy’ (from Fireworker)


Jon Gomm – ‘Deep Sea Fishes’ (from The Faintest Idea)


Lunatic Soul – ‘The Passage’ (from Through Shaded Woods)


The Pineapple Thief – ‘Driving Like Maniacs’ (From Versions Of The Truth)

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