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December 23, 2013  

As we head into 2014, and a new and exciting year for Kscope, here’s Billy Reeves’ favourite interviews of 2013, featuring an exclusive, brand new catch-up with Jonas Renske of Katatonia at the recent Wisdom of Crowds show at London’s Jazz Café.

There’s music and chat from Steven Wilson, Aviv Geffen & Blackfield, Sel of Amplifier, Steve Hogarth from Marillion/Hogarth & Barbieri, Bruce Soord, Daniel Cavanagh of Anathema and Kristoffer Rygg talking about Ulver’s collaboration with the Tromsø Chamber Orchestra.

Also, listen herein for the new tour dates of Ulver & Blackfield. Katatonia are going to be gigging widely soon too in May next year.

There’ll be a new podcast early in 2014 to get you up to date. Much is afoot…

Thanks very much for listening and supporting Kscope. Share the love!

December 2, 2013  

In this podcast we’ll hear from Sam Healy of NORTH ATLANTIC OSCILLATION, as we talk about (and hear tracks from) his new project SAND. Sam tells us what motivated him to do a whole album alone.

PLUS! A track from the shortly-to-be-released EP from MOTHLITE – the brainchild of Daniel O’Sullivan from ULVER, AND a piece from the sumptuous re-issue of ‘Lightdark’ by NOSOUND.





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