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December 23, 2013  

As we head into 2014, and a new and exciting year for Kscope, here’s Billy Reeves’ favourite interviews of 2013, featuring an exclusive, brand new catch-up with Jonas Renske of Katatonia at the recent Wisdom of Crowds show at London’s Jazz Café.

There’s music and chat from Steven Wilson, Aviv Geffen & Blackfield, Sel of Amplifier, Steve Hogarth from Marillion/Hogarth & Barbieri, Bruce Soord, Daniel Cavanagh of Anathema and Kristoffer Rygg talking about Ulver’s collaboration with the Tromsø Chamber Orchestra.

Also, listen herein for the new tour dates of Ulver & Blackfield. Katatonia are going to be gigging widely soon too in May next year.

There’ll be a new podcast early in 2014 to get you up to date. Much is afoot…

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