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June 29, 2018  

Lunatic Soul, Mansun, The Pineapple Thief, Godsticks

Kscope Podcast Ninety Nine – Lunatic Soul Interview

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Mariusz Duda (Lunatic Soul + Riverside) talks exclusively to us about the new (and unexpected) Lunatic Soul album Under The Fragmented Sky. Will there be more Lunatic Soul? Where does this new album fit into the LS storyline? Mariusz bears all and also recommends an excellent record label for you to check out.


Paul Draper, the ex-frontman of Mansun (and Kscope solo artist) reminisces about the making of Attack Of The Grey Lantern, which has been given the full remastering and book-set treatment.


Plus, the first spin of a brand new tune from The Pineapple Thief (featuring Gavin Harrison of King Crimson/Porcupine Tree) from their imminent new LP and information concerning their biggest show to date.


We’ve even got time for a taster of Godsticks' new acoustic acoustic track - and details on how  tovote for your favourite Kscope artists in the Progressive Music Awards 2018.


Also, listen out for how you can sign up for Kscope’s 10th birthday celebration.


In This Podcast:


Lunatic Soul (from Under the Fragmented Sky)



"Under the Fragmented Sky"

"He av en"


Mansun (from Attack of the Grey Lantern)


"Naked Twister (BBC Radio One session from May '96)"




“We are Leaving (Acoustic)"

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